Our Selection Process

Part of Junior FWL’s value is in our variety of members. Our girls are from all different schools, and are mixed evenly across grades. We also try to maintain a diversity of student interests, so that JrFWL has a complementary mix of academic, athletic and extracurricular activities. When we go to review applications, we will first pay attention to this membership variety.
We also look for students who have a good handle on their academics. We feel that schoolwork always comes first, so a student must already be staying on top of classes and classwork, in order to demonstrate the time management needed to take on Junior FWL commitments.
We are not interested in “resume builders”. If you are applying to Junior FWL just for an item that boosts your college applications, then you likely won’t become invested in our activities and service.

 There isn’t “one kind” or “one type” of Junior FWL member.  Our members are as unique and diverse as you can imagine. What they have in common is a desire to be part of something bigger than just their high school life.

All applications are reviewed by a Selection Committee of FWL members who are involved with the Junior FWL program and experienced with youth development and leadership.
Decisions of the Selection Committee are final.